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Premium Locket With Custom Photo

To celebrate reaching 50,000 customers, we're giving away our best-selling Premium Locket With Custom Photo (normally $32.99) for a limited time to say thanks! 


A beautiful locket customized with the photo of your choice! 😍

Upload any photo and we'll make you your own custom locket with the image carefully displayed inside. Here are some of the photo types that people often use:

  • Couples photos
  • A boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband
  • Kids
  • Babies
  • Relatives and grandparents
  • Themselves!

How To Take Part In The Giveaway:

  • 1.) Upload a photo by clicking on the "Choose File" button above. A high quality photo will lead to a better print ... so choose a photo with high resolution! 

    2.) Select "Add to Cart" and enter your address. 

    3.) Complete checkout... and you're done! We'll start working on your custom locket within just 24 hours.


We extensively wear and test all our products before we release them to our customers. If an item doesn't bring us multiple compliments each day we wear it, well, it's just not ready for Opal & Peach! 😍


Giveaway open to all while supplies last. Limited stock! Due to extremely high demand and variable shipping times for this product, please allow several weeks for delivery.